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Update on Sponson S13 sponson

09/05/2014 - Isola del Giglio

UPDATE ON SPONSON S13 Giglio Island, May 9th 2014
Titan Micoperi communicates that pontoon MAK has arrived this morning at the Concordia removal yard. In the next hours technicians will proceed with the load of the sponson that will be then transported to Genoa for repairs.
May 7th 2014
With regards to information appeared on media today about a new disequilibrium of sponson S13 , Titan Micoperi clarifies the following: Technicians have worked all night to bring back S13, installed on the starboard side, in horizontal position.
Currently, the sponson is kept in position with the support of the Conquest crane.
Technicians are carrying out operations to empty the sponson from ballast water.
Such operations can cause a disequilibrium of the sponson due to the movement of internal water.
Such movements are to be considered physiological, until the sponson will not be completely empty. Situation is currently under control. The sponson will be transported to a shipyard for technical assessments and necessary repairs.
Installation of the remaining sponsons will resume as soon as the Conquest crane will be available again, that is after that S13 will be loaded on the barge that will reach Giglio island from Genoa.
Repositioning of S13 will therefore be completed at a later stage; the installation sequence foresees positioning of S10 as soon as possible.
Technicians have assessed minor damages also in the adjacent sponson (S12), caused by yesterday’s contact with sponson S13 during its rotation. Assessment on this sponson is ongoing.