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Titan Micoperi project is the one providing greater guarantees for environmental because it plans to keep the wreck in one piece with no need to cut superstructure in case of difficulties - this implies a very high budget (double vs others). Titan Salvage is an American-owned specialist marine salvage and wreck removal company, part of the Crowley Group, and is a world leader in its field. Micoperi is a well-known Italian marine contractor with a long history as a specialist in underwater construction and engineering.

The plan was selected by an evaluation team with specialist representatives from Costa Crociere, Carnival Corporation & plc, London Offshore Consultants and Standard P&I Club, with the collaboration of RINA and Fincantieri, because it best fulfills the main objectives of the operation: removal of the wreck in one piece, minimal risk, minimal environmental impact, protection of Giglio's economy and tourism industry, and maximum safety of the work.

The number of people involved in the operations will be variable, according to the phase of the operations. (min 30 - max 200). The large majorities of the work force involved in the project will be Italian professionals.

Costa Crociere

Titan Salvage