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  • Concordia - arrival in Genoa, Costa Crociere CEO meets Nick Sloane


    Genoa, July 27th 2014 – This morning Costa Crociere Ceo Michael Thamm went onboard the Concordia to meet Nick Sloane and his team. “I wanted to personally thank Nick Sloane and the whole team for the extraordinary commitment they have always demonstrated throughout the project and wish them good work at the beginning of an important day of complex mooring operations” says Michael Thamm.

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  • July 27th - News from Concordia navigation


    The notarial deed establishing the transfer of ownership of the Concordia from Costa Crociere to the Saipem/San Giorgio del Porto consortium was signed today at 3.40 pm. The deed rules that the sale is carried out for the specific purpose of demolishing and recycling the wreck as agreed and in accordance with the prescriptions set forth by the Authorities and in particular by the Ministry of Environment.  Preliminary operations for the entrance of the Concordia in the Prà-

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  • July 26th - News from Concordia navigation


    Less than 20 nautical miles is the remaining distance that the Concordia has to cover to reach the port of Genoa Prà-Voltri, after little more than three days of navigation.  At the moment, the convoy travels at a speed of about 1 knot per hour. That speed will be further reduced in the coming hours so to allow the arrival in the port, as expected, during the night between Saturday and Sunday and the following entrance into the port during the morning of Sunday July 27

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  • July 25th - News from Concordia navigation


    There are still about 60 nautical miles to reach Genoa Prà-Voltri and, after 2 days of navigation,  the Concordia is now about 20 miles West from La Spezia. At the moment, the convoy has an average speed of about 1.7 knots which could be further slowed down in the next hours in order to allow the arrival in front of the port between Saturday night and Sunday morning, as per plan. The entrance in the port will be on Sunday morning, July 27th. Today weather and sea condition

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  • July 24th - News from Concordia navigation


    After approximately 30 hours of navigation, the Concordia has travelled for 63 nautical miles at an average speed of 2 knots. At the moment, the convoy is located between Isola d’Elba and Corsica. The sea is calm, while the wind has a North/North East direction with a speed of approximately 13 knots. The assessments performed on sponsons and they connections – cables, chains and strand-jacks - have given positive results. The climate on board is calm and the navigation pro

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  • Concordia Departure from Giglio


    This morning at around 11 am, the Concordia has begun its navigation towards Genoa with an average speed of 2 knots. The arrival in Genoa is planned at the moment between Saturday July 26th and Sunday July 27th.   With the arrival of the last ferry, operations to disconnect the mooring cables that connect the Concordia to the towers on the shore side are in progress. Preliminary activities for Concordia

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  • Concordia refloating - news from july 22th


    The Concordia refloating was completed this afternoon. Works are in progress to complete the last operations to prepare the Concordia for the departure and for the mooring in Genoa Voltri Port. Tomorrow morning, Wednesday July 23th, Titan Micoperi will begin the departure maneuvers for the Concordia to leave from Isola del Giglio once the ferry from Porto Santo arrives at 8.30. Operations are planned to be completed in about 4 hours. The wreck will be disconnected from the

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  • Concordia refloating - news from july 21th


    Technicians are at  work to complete refloating. During the night, despite the strong winds, the wreck has emerged of about 11 meters; there are therefore 3 more meters to reach the required draft. Starboard sponson S4 is almost in position. Work is in progress to lower sponsons S5 and S14.

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  • Refloating operations - press note


    12.00 am: Concordia refloating operation in progress 24/7. At the moment, the wreck has emerged of about 6.5 meters. There are still 6 starboard sponsons to be lowered to their final position. Once this operation will be completed, deck 4 and 3 will emerge rapidly one after the other.   At about 11 pm last night, a small amount of hydrocarbons was spotted in the mid ship/aft of the wreck. The Oil Spill Response team was i

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  • Concordia refloating - news from july 19th


    Deck 5 has completely emerged and there are still about 2 meters for deck 4 to refloat. The wreck is stable in its position while operations to control ballast are performed. So far an average floating of about 6 meters has been reached through these operations. The next press briefing will be held at 4.00 this afternoon.

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  • Concordia refloating - news from july 18th


    With the lowering of the starboard sponson S12, yesterday evening, the Concordia has emerged of an additional meter reaching an average refloating of 4 meters. Divers have worked all night to complete the connection of the chain related to sponson S18. At the moment, the Remote Operation Center team are lowering this sponson in his final position. In the next hours, operations will continue to lower the other starboard sponsons and then the pontoons will move to the bow area to connec

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  • Concordia refloating - news from july 18th


    The Concordia has emerged of an additional meter, up to deck 5, reaching on average 4 meters of refloating. One chain and three cables have to be connected.  Work will go on all night.

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  • Concordia refloating - news from july 17th


    Despite the strong winds have caused an interruption of operations during the night, divers are working to connect the last chains and cables. At the moment, there are still 2 chains and 4 cables to be connected to 3 of the starboard sponsons (S4, S5, S18). The chain related to starboard sponson S12 has reached its final position and, in the next few hours, the connection will be completed.

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  • Concordia refloating operations - Day 4


    Divers are still working to connect the last chains and cables. At the moment, there are still 2 chains and 4 cables to be connected to 3 of the starboard sponsons (S4, S5, S18). In the meantime, work has been completed on S12, and technicians are now lowering the sponson to its final position. The weather and sea conditions of the last days and the complexity of the operations, have impacted the overall time schedule with some delays. Technicians are still aiming at a departure on Mo

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  • Costa Crociere note


    Costa Crociere informs that the photographs and videos reported yesterday and today by the media, and related to the inside of the Concordia, are not official material and have not been released by Costa Crociere and the Titan Micoperi consortium.

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  • Refloating operations - Day 3


    The operations to connect and tension the chains of 3 starboard sponsons are in progress. The Concordia has emerged from the false sea bed of about 3 meters on average, specifically 2 meters in the bow area and 4 at the stern. Meanwhile tugboat Blizzard arrived in the area. With Resolve Earl, already on site, Blizzard will tow the wreck from the bow during transport. The Concordia is currently in position thanks to two other tugs, Garibaldo and Red Wolf on the east, which will be now joined b

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  • Note on the operations: news


    JULY 15 1.00 pm : The underwater preliminary activities related to the beginning of the last phase of the refloating operation of the Concordia are in progress today. Technicians are indeed working to connect and tension the last 4 chains and 6 cables. The wreck is stable position and securely moored.   JULY 14 8.00 pm : The

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  • Refloating operation of the Concordia will begin tomorrow, July 14th at 6am.


    Concordia refloating operations will begin tomorrow, Monday July 14th at 6 am. Having checked the latest weather conditions, technicians have confirmed they can proceed. Tomorrow, it will be an important day: the Concordia will be refloated of about 2 meters and then towed 30 meters to the East.

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  • CostaCrociere: last hours to beginning of refloating


    With regards to the outcome of the Monitoring Observatory meeting held today, Costa Crociere has released the following statement. “We are pleased that the documentation sent to the authorities has been well received. Everything is in place and ready, the salvage team has successfully completed the technical tests and if weather and sea conditions will remain favou

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  • Civil Protection press note


    The Monitoring Observatory has considered as valid the additional documentation provided by Costa Crociere over the past days to give its clearance to the refloating operation of the Concordia: it is the outcome of the meeting ended few minutes ago and held at the venue of the Department of Civil Protection from the Commissioner for the emergency, Franco Gabrielli. The authorization

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  • Refloating of the Concordia at Giglio Island: accreditation procedure and logistics


    The salvage team have confirmed that the Concordia refloating operation is set to go ahead starting on Monday, July 14. As was the case for parbuckling, commencement of the operation is subject to authorization from the Observatory and also depends on the weather forecast over the next few days. Therefore, final confirmation of the start of the refloating operation will not be annou

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  • Costa Crociere: installation of all sponsons completed, ten days to possible refloating


    All sponsons now in position. Technicians set to start testing all systems before refloating the wreck. Installation of the last sponson, P1, on the port side of the wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia has been completed as planned this afternoon. Now, ahead of authorization from the Monitoring Observatory, technicians can start to test all the systems for the final refloating of the Con

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  • Installation of port side sponson P2 in progress today


    The sponson has been lifted off through the Conquest crane and is now being submerged. In the next hours it will be connected to the wreck. Following this installation, technicians will progress with the last of the 30 sponsons, P1. In the refloating phase, sponsons will be gradually emptied of ballast water through compressed air systems, allowing the wreck to refloat.

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  • Final phase of Concordia removal begins


    With Government approval of transportation of the Concordia to Genoa, technicians are ready for refloating the wreck in two weeks.  Genoa – June 30, 2014 – Following the Italian Cabinet’s decision today to authorize towage of the Concordia wreck to Genoa for dismantling and recycling, Costa Crociere has issued the following statement. &l

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  • Meeting with the population


    A meeting with the population took place today at Giglio Island. The Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency Franco Gabrielli, the coordinator of the Concordia Removal Project Franco Porcellacchia, and the CFO of Costa Crociere Beniamino Maltese, with the presence of the Mayor Sergio Ortelli, have d on the status of operations and explained the refloating phase. The first of the 4 last port side sponsons (P14) is now being installed. Once the sponsons installation phase will be acc

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  • Costa Crociere press release


    Costa Crociere: Our objective is the successful finalization of the Concordia project. In three weeks technicians are ready to tow the wreck. The transportation and dismantling of the wreck in Genoa is the only valid solution in Italy. The positive technical evaluations expressed by 17 public authorities over the total of 19 in the Conferenza dei Servizi reassure on the validity of our choice.

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  • Installation of starboard sponsons completed


    Now only 4 more sponsons to be positioned on the left side before refloating. All 15 sponsons have been successfully installed on the damaged starboard side of the Concordia. Operations had begun at the end of April, with an average of 350 technicians working 24/7. Now the Conquest MB1 and is rotating crane will be positioned on the port side of the wreck to begin operations for the installation of the last 4 missing sponsons: P1, P2, P14, P15.

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  • 80 percent of sponsons are now in position on the two sides of the Concordia


    Over 370 Titan Micoperi technicians are working restlessy on the installation of sponsons, preliminary to refloating phase. Currently 14 sponsons have been installed on the starboard side of the Concordia and, if weather conditions will allow, tomorrow the last sponson will be positioned on this side (S1) to reach the total of 15. Operations will then continue on the sea side, to install the last missing 4 sponson (11 had already been installed before the parbuckling).

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  • Government sets for June 26th the deadline for the evaluation of transportation and dismantling project


    The Italian Council of Ministers, upon proposal from the Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency, has identified June 26th (instead of June 16th as previously decided) as the date for the conclusion of the decision-making meeting of the "Conferenza dei Servizi", the committee composed of representatives of all competent authorities that will evaluate projects for the transportation of the Concordia wreck to an appropriate port for dismantling. In the meantine at Giglio Island over 37

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  • Press release


    Today the first meeting of the Conferenza dei servizi was held in Rome at Civil Protection headquarters, chaired by the Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency Franco Gabrielli to examine – as deliberated by the Italian Council of Ministers – the project presented by Costa Crociere for the transportation of the Concordia from Giglio Island to the port of Genoa for dismantling developed by the consortium made of the two companies Saipem-San Giorgio del Porto. 

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  • The installation of the sponsons for refloating are progressing quickly at Giglio Island


    The installation of the sponsons for refloating are progressing quickly at Giglio Island. With the installation of starboard sponson S18 (former S13 that had to be brought back for remediation to Genoa), the number of installed sponsons has reached 9 out of the total of 19 needed before refloating (15 on the starboard side, 4 on the port side to reach the total of 30). Technicians from Titan Micoperi have now planned to continue with the installation of S14 in the next few days, upon rec

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  • Work in progress at Giglio to complete the installation of S5


    Work in progress at Giglio to complete the installation of S5, the eight of the 15 sponsons to be positioned on the starboard side of the Concordia.In the meantime, remediation activity on sponson S13 have been completed in Genoa and the sponson is ready to depart from Genoa on board pontoon MAK tomorrow, having been now renamed S18.Currently there are more than 300 people working 24/7 in Giglio to prepare the wreck for the refloating phase.

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  • Installation of sponson S7 has been completed, the sixth of 15


    Installation of sponson S7 has been completed, the sixth of 15 Barge Micourier2 with sponson S6 and S5 on board on site: S6 installation will to start this afternoon.

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  • Current status of sponson installation


    Following the current status of sponson installation operations on the starboard side: Sponson S12: installation completed. Sponson S11: installation completed. Sponson S10: installation completed. Sponson S9: installation completed. Sponson S8: installation in progress. Sponson S13: is being repaired in Genoa.

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  • Pontoon Mak has reached Genoa with S13 where the sponson will be repaired


    Pontoon Mak has reached Genoa with S13 where the sponson will be repaired. Remediation on starboard sponson S12 is in progress on site at Giglio island. Installation of starboard sponson S9 is upcoming in the next few days.

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  • Update on Sponson S13 sponson


    UPDATE ON SPONSON S13 Giglio Island, May 9th 2014 Titan Micoperi communicates that pontoon MAK has arrived this morning at the Concordia removal yard. In the next hours technicians will proceed with the load of the sponson that will be then transported to Genoa for repairs. May 7th 2014 With regards to information appeared on media today about a new disequilibrium of sponson S13 , Titan Micoperi clarifies the following: Technicians hav

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  • Sponsons installation in progress after observatory authorization


    Costa Crociere and Titan Micoperi confirm that sponson installation operations have immediately resumed after the authorization received by the Monitoring Observatory. During the night installation of starboard sponson S11, the third of the 19 to be installed, was completed. Currently, there are still 12 sponsons to be installed on the starboard side and 4 on the port side of the Concordia. Tomorrow technicians will start operations on the fourth starboard sponson, S10.

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  • Titan Micoperi Consortium note


    In the late afternoon, a problem was registered on starboard sponson S13: internal ballast water movements have caused a disallignment of the sponson. Technicians have analyzed possible causes and have identified the cause in a chain that was stuck under the keel and therefore not perfectly tensioned. No damage has been registered on the wreck and on the adjacent sponson. Situation is under control. Technicians will intervene as soon as possible to re-establish the spo

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  • The second sponsons of 19 installed


    The second of the 19 sponsons has been successfully installed yesterday. Divers from the Titan Micoperi team have been working today to prepare next installations, in order to be ready to proceed with operations as soon as the necessary authorizations will arrive. At the same time, technicians are finalizing the requested documentation, that will be delivered according to the schedule indicated by the Observatory.

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  • Costa Crociere & Titan Micoperi note


    With reference to the statements appeared on newswires in Italy, Costa Crociere and Titan Micoperi would to clarify that a request for the installation of the one and only sponson S12 was withdrawn yesterday and that, at the same time, a confirmation of the request for authorization of the installation of the total of 18 sponsons still to be positioned (including S12), was sent to the Observatory. Costa Crociere and Titan Micoperi are working to provide some further documents regardi

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  • Operations for the installation of the first sponson completed


    After 2 and an half days of work, the operations to install the first of the 19 sponsons to be positioned for the refloating of the Concordia wreck have been completed today at 1 pm. The sponson S13 - the biggest in weight and size - is now positioned on the starboard side at about 11 meters in depth from the artificial seabed on which the Concordia rests since the parbuckling completed in September. The sponson has been unloaded from the barge on which it reached Giglio Islan

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  • Sponson S13 at Giglio, the first of the 19 arriving at Giglio


    The first of the 19 sponsons to be installed on the Concordia before the refloating phase has arrived this morning in Giglio Island on board pontoon Mak. It's the S13, that will be positioned on the starboard side. The sponson weights 810 tons and is 33.5 meters of width for 11.5 in height,  with elecricatal-pneumatic systems and strand jacks the height reaches more than 20 meters - and 10.5 meters in depth. It will be positioned as soon as the operation will be a

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  • CONQUEST MB1 barge arrived at Giglio


    A new sophisticated crane barge has arrived yesterday evening at Giglio Island in order to carry out operations related to the installation of the 19 sponsons to be completed before refloating. It's the “CONQUEST MB1”, an offshore crane barge fitted with a sophisticated rotating/luffing crane and associated automated heel/trim compensation system. The barge is designed on a modular concept, fitted with operational 6 point mooring system  and accommodation module

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  • Meeting with population at Giglio Island


    Work in progress in Giglio Island to reach the objective of the removal of the Concordia wreck as soon as possible, safeguarding the marine ecosystem and the socio-economical life of the Island. Currently there are over 290 technicians at work, and in the next few weeks will reach up to 400. This afternoon, the Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency Franco Gabrielli, the President of the Observatory Maria Sargentini, with the Mayor of Giglio Sergio Ortelli and Costa Crociere

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  • Civil protection department note


    Continue operations to remove the Concordia as soon as possible from Giglio, safeguarding - as always done - the socio-economic life of the island. This is the objective that has been confirmed again today during the meeting of the Consultive Committee with the Observatory, that took place this afternoon in Rome at civil protection headquarters and called by the Commissioner for the Emergency, Franco Gabrielli, with the participation of Costa Crociere representatives. In addit

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  • Ballast Control System components assembling in progress on the wreck


    Ballast Control System components assembling in progress on the wreck

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  • Vertical rotation of S9, forth of the starboard sponsons, completed in Livorno


    Vertical rotation of S9, forth of the starboard sponsons, completed today in Livorno

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  • Removal operations have resumed this morning


    Activities exclude the area involved in last Saturday's fatal accident - 3 meters wide for a depth of 8 meters in correspondence of deck 4 on the starboard side - currently under seizure. Today diving operations have focused on water sampling, removal of debries on portside sponsons, preparation of the supports needed for the installation of two of the 15 starboard sponsons (S3 and S13). In addition, the installation of the electrical-pneumatic systems for the functioning of the sponso

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  • Costa Crociere organizes psychological support for the Titan Micoperi team at Giglio


    Costa Crociere has organized psychological support to the Titan Micoperi dive team members who are deeply shocked by the fatal accident occurred to their Spanish colleague. Two psychologists specialized in post traumatic events from the Spanish association of psychologists have reached Giglio Island today in the first hours of the afternoon. A psychologist from Costa's care team is also supporting the family members of the diver fatally injured yesterday.

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  • Accident occurred during underwater operations in the yard area


    Titan Micoperi is sad to announce that a diver from the Consortium passed away this afternoon after an accident occurred during underwater operations in progress under the wreck. The diver, of spanish nationality, 41 years old, was involved in the operations aimed at preparing the wreck for the installation of the sponsons on the starboard side. Immediately assisted by his 'stand-by diver", he was transferred to the operative headquarter where he was assisted by the medical and paramedic

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  • Vertical rotation of sponson S1, S11 and S10 completed


    The vertical rotation of sponson S12, S11, and S10 - three of the 15 sponsons that will be installed on the starboard side - has been successfully completed in Livorno. In the meantime, at Isola del Giglio 170 technicians are at work to complete preparatory operations to the positioning of the sponsons, currently scheduled to start in April, caretaking and environmental monitoring activities.

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  • Latest s from the Removal project


    The press conference held in Rome oj January 10th,  at the presence of the Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency Franco Gabrielli, the Italian Minister of Environment Andrea Orlando, the CEO of Costa Crociere Michael Thamm and the coordinator of the removal project Franco Porcellacchia, has been the occasion to media on the next important steps of the project.

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  • Press conference January 10


    INVITATION The Concordia Emergency Commissioner and Costa Crociere announce a press conference to present the next phases of the Concordia Removal Project. The conference will take place onFriday January10 at 11.00 am,at Civil Protection Headquarters in Via Vitorchiano 4, Rome. Speakers:Andrea Orlando, Minister of EnvironmentFranco Gabrielli, Government Deputy Commissioner for Concordia EmergencyMichael Tham

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  • Giglio Island - Meeting with population


    A new meeting to the Giglio population took place today at the presence of Maria Sargentini, Chairman of the Observatory, Sergio Ortelli, Mayor of Giglio, and Franco Porcellacchia, coordinator of the Concordia wreck removal project for Costa Crociere. The Concordia is stable: after the minor movements registered in the 15 days following the parbuckling the wreck has settled on the platform and seabed. Since then, the monitoring systems active 24/7 have not indicated any significant m

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  • The parbuckling project - Press note


    Costa Crociere and the Titan Micoperi Consortium inform that the Concordia is stable on the platforms, as confirmed by the results of the constant monitoring activity. Wreck stability is also improved by the additional measures that have been studied in order to prepare the Concordia to face the winter season and that are that are currently close to completion. 28 tubular steel braces have been positioned and connect the wreck through the sponsons to the underwater platforms o

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  • The parbuckling project - Press note


    Titan Micoperi Consortium communicates that early this morning four unauthorized people have been noticed on board the Concordia. They were identified through the surveillance video system as operators of Titan Salvage and notified to local police.   The company has taken immediate action to remove workers from the project. Titan Micoperi underlines how the surveillance system in place has worked effectively, with a rapid individuation of unauthorized personnel a

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  • Winterization operations are progressing at Giglio to prepare the wreck for the winter season.


    Winterization operations are progressing at Giglio to prepare the wreck for the winter season. Percentage of completion of the bracing to connect wreck to platforms has reached 100%. Currently, the total of 8 steel braces have been installed on platform no.1 and no.3 and all 12 on platform no.2. Grouting operations to connect the two sections of the braces are also in progress: works have been completed for platform 2 and will be completed in the next days for the othe

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  • Costa Crociere secures the availability of the Dockwise Vanguard as an option for the Concordia wreck transportation


    Costa Crociere and Dockwise, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) have signed the contract that secures the availability of the Dockwise Vanguard -  the world’s largest semi-submersible ship – as part of the options considered for the removal of the Concordia wreck from Isola del Giglio. Costa Crociere announces that it has reached an agreement with Dutch company Dock

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  • Winterization operations on the wreck have begun


    As the winter season gets closer, works to increase stability of the wreck are in progress at Giglio island. The adverse meteo-marine conditions registered during the past week end, that caused minor movements of the wreck considered by engineers as a physiological settlement of the wreck on the fake seabed, have confirmed the need to move forward with the so-called winterization measures to further stabilize the wreck for the winter making it ready to face the worse possible weather

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  • Civil protection announcement


    Italian Civil Protection announced that human remains have been found by divers from the public order services as part of the search process following the parbuckling operation. DNA testing will be made for confirmation that the remains belong to the two missing victims of the Concordia shipwreck. Search&rescue operations had started on Tuesday after the Titan Micoperi Consortium declared that the water around the wreck were safe.

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  • Parbuckling phase - update on the operations


    4.00 A.M.: The parbuckling operation has been successfully completed. The wreck is now upright and resting safely on the specially built artificial sea bed, at a depth of approximately 30 meters.   2.00 A.M: The vessel has rotated 35 degrees. Everything is going on according to plans. Next update at 4 a.m. 0.00 A.M.: The ship has rotated ap

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    Parbuckling operations of the Costa Concordia will begin tomorrow, Monday 16 September. Based on the weather-marine forecast for the Giglio Island issued by the Central Station of the Department of Civil Protection, in coordination with the Weather Forecast Station for the Tuscany Region at the LAMMA Consortium, Titan/Micoperi Consortium technicians confirm the possibility to go ahead with the operations tomorrow. In fact, the expected values for wind direction and force (inseri

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  • Nota sulla fase di Parbuckling


    The first date useful for the rotation of the Concordia is fixed at six o'clock in the morning of Monday, September 16th. However, weather conditions have to be favorable. The final decision about the beginning of operations will be therefore communicated by 2 pm of the previous day.

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  • Press release by italian civil protection


    The operation to right the ship Costa Concordia (known as “parbuckling”) has been given the go-ahead for this month: this was the outcome of a meeting convened in Rometoday at the headquarters of the Civil Protection Department, by the Emergency Commissioner Franco Gabrielli, and attended by representatives from the Advisory Committee, the Observatory, the Micoperi-Titan Consortium and the cruise line Costa Crociere. Final authorization to proceed with the opera

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  • Blister tanks positioning and installment completed


    Another important step towards the parbuckling operation has been successfully completed: the process of positioning and installment of the two blister tanks on the wreck's bow. The two blister tanks are special sponsons that provide a net buoyancy of about 4,000 tons and will support the bow during the next three phases of the process: the rotation of the wreck into a vertical position (the so called "Parbuckling"); the resting of the wreck on the artificial seabed and the refl

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  • Costa Crociere and Titan Micoperi present progress of operations to Civil Protection and Observatory


    Costa Crociere and Titan-Micoperi representatives presented the progress of removal operations to the Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency Franco Gabrielli, the Observatory for Concordia Removal and the Mayor of Giglio at Civil Protection headquarters in Rome. Costa Crociere is now in the process of completing the technical documentation that will be delivered in the next days to the Observatory to allow the authorities to evaluate the parbuckling project – the vertical rota

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    The engineers of the Titan-Micoperi consortium confirm that the "parbuckling” of the Concordia can be completed by the end of summer 2013, at the beginning of September. Today, the Chief Commissioner for the Costa Concordia shipwreck emergency, Prefect Franco Gabrielli, at the presence of Giglio Mayor Sergio Ortelli, has met the population of the island of Giglio together with the President of the Observatory, Maria Sargentini, Costa Crociere and Titan-Micoperi to provide an upd

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  • Observatory communicates positive data on sea water quality at Giglio


    The water condition in the island of Giglio is good. The people of Giglio received these positive news from the Observatory on the recovery of the Costa Concordia during the last, periodic information meeting on the progress of operations for the removal of the wreck. Such findings are the result of research studies conducted by authoritative study groups composed of Arpat, Ispra and by the Universities of Florence, Pisa, Rome, Cagliari and the Politecnico of Marche. Scientifi

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    In the last few days on Giglio island platform n° 2 has been installed. It is the fifth of 6 subsea platforms that will provide a safe supporting structure for the wreck after it is rotated into a vertical position (“parbuckling”, as this is known). 
The platform, which was built at the Rosetti shipyard in Marina di Ravenna, weighs about 1,000 tons, measures 40m and is 22m in height and is supported by 5 big pillars (almost 2m in diameter) secured to the granite

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  • The parbuckling project - update on recently completed operations


    Below, a list of the main operations recently completed. 438 people currently working at the Giglio's yard Platform 1, 4, 5, 6 positioned Template for platform 3 positioned Grout bags filling activity is continuing, with more than 49% completed Installation of sponson P10 and P11 completed; welding activities in progress The following platforms and vessels are currently involved in operations:

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  • First two portside sponsons installed


    Yesterday, April 17th, the positioning of the first portside sponson (p10) has been succesfully completed. Operations have continued today with installation of the second sponson (p11). Eventually, the sponsons will be welded on the hull of the wreck . At the same time,  drillings for next 10 underwater holes will be undergoing in order to position remaining platforms 2 & 3  Shortly a video featuring the install

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  • (update) Platform no. 1, the biggest, has been positioned


    Work started early this morning on Giglio Island to install platform no. 1, the biggest subsea base which, with the other 5 subsea platforms, will provide a safe supporting structure for the wreck after it is rotated into a vertical position (“parbuckling”, as this is known). At 6 o’clock this morning, the ship Svenja began the approach of barge Micourier with the tug Bucaneer. After cutting the sea fastenings, at about 8.30am work began to position the Svenja’

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  • Meeting of the Observatory with citizens of Giglio. First sea bottom platform installed


    At the periodic meeting of the Observatory with the Giglio community, president Maria Sargentini, accompanied by Costa Crociere managers, Rome La Sapienza University researchers and Titan/Micoperi Consortium experts, updated the local population on recovery operations and described the progress being made on the characterisation of water inside the wreck. During the meeting, it was announced that the first sub-sea platform has already been installed and that the positioning of the sec

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  • Digital kit available for download


    Following the media brief held on Saturday 12 at Giglio Island, Digital press kit are available.  All photographic and video content in this kit is courtesy of project partners Costa Crociere, Titan Micoperi & Università La Sapienza, Rome.

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  • Meeting with Giglio Island population


    The periodic meeting held with the citizens of Giglio Island took place today to communicate and share the state of progress on work to remove the wreck of the Concordia. This regular meeting ensures that the local community receives prompt and transparent information. During the meeting, which was chaired by Observatory President Maria Sargentini, attendees were given an update on the various activities underway, on futur

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  • Concordia wreck: the ship’s funnel will be removed to speed up working for the holdback system


    At Giglio island work continues without respite, day and night, seven days a week, in order to remove the Concordia wreck. Following the completion of the wreck stabilisation phase (at the beginning of November), Titan/Micoperi Consortium is currently working on the starboard area of the wreck to complete the holdback system, installing additional 8 anchor blocks, which will be operating during the parbuckling rotation phase. In order to speed up supporting vessels’ oper

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  • Concordia emergency: Note of The Commissioner


    The Commissioner for the Concordia Emergency, agreed with the Observatory and Costa Crociere, informs that Titan/Micoperi team has properly managed the oil spillage recently appeared close to the wreck, likely due to recent bad sea. The situation is totally under control and, at present, there is no visible leakage from the wreck and no sign of pollution in the surrounding area.On Friday, 2nd, as soon as individuated the leakage, Titan/Micoperi all emergency procedures were put in place

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  • Proseguono i lavori al Giglio: iniziate le attività per preparare il falso fondale, lato mare


    (Only available in italian)Al Giglio, i lavori continuano senza sosta: attualmente sono circa 400 gli addetti, i tecnici e i sommozzatori che operano nel cantiere giorno e notte, 7 giorni su 7, con circa 20 mezzi navali a supporto. Come annunciato, a fine mese di ottobre sarà completato il sistema di stabilizzazione del relitto, con i primi 4 sistemi di ancoraggio collegati e operativi. Proprio in questi giorni, parallelamente, è iniziata una fase molto delicata

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    The Asv Pioneer has arrived at Giglio Island and is now positioned near the wreck of the Costa Concordia. Owned by Scottish group Ferguson Zoom and chartered for six months by the Titan Micoperi Consortium tasked with removing the Concordia, the platform will provide support for work to create a false sea bottom using special grout bags. The 60 double cabins in the platform will provide accommodation for the team of divers who will work day and night to complete work on schedule. The

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  • Hyperbaric assistance provided to a scuba diver


    The Titan-Micoperi divers team provided hyperbaric medical assistance to a scuba diver that had decompression disease after a recreational dive. At 14:13, a rubber tender with 3 men on board approached to the red pier close to the hyperbaric chamber installed by the Titan-Micoperi for hyperbaric emergency response in the work site. Two person on board the tender were screaming for help while the other one was lying down on the deck unconscious. In th

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  • Micoperi 30 sets off for Giglio to begin the next phases of the wreck removal


    Late this afternoon Micoperi 30, one of the largest vessels in the Micoperi fleet, will set sail from the Titan/Micoperi operations base in Ortona for Isola del Giglio, where it will arrive in about 10 days’ time to begin the main stages of the removal operation. Isola del Giglio, 1 August 2012 -Micoperi 30, one of the largest and most important vessels operated by Micoperi (the Italian company awarded the cont

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  • Last rock part removed from the wreck


    Last weekend, the Italo-American Titan/Micoperi Consortium completed the removal of the final section of rock wedged in the gash on the left side of the wreck of the Concordia. The operations, which began about a week ago, have now successfully extracted the entire rock, which weighs a total of almost 100 tons and has been temporarily placed on the pontoon “Vincenzo Cosentino”, for subsequent positioning in a safe and protected area, selected jointly with the competent Authorities

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  • First rock section removed from the wreck


    The Italo-American Titan/Micoperi Consortium has removed the first section of rock, weighing over 20 tonnes, wedged in the hull of the Concordia wreck. Over the coming days the entire rock, weighing a total of about 140 tons, will be removed. Work to secure the ship is proceeding on schedule and this phase should be completed by the end of August.

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  • Costa Concordia: FINCANTIERI awarded to build the sponsons


    The contract provides for the construction in different Fincantieri shipyards of 30 steel watertight boxes, which will be used to right and refloat the vessel. Genoa, July 3, 2012 – As part of the salvage plan to remove the wreck of the Costa Concordia, to be carried out by the Italo-American Titan-Micoperi consortium appointed by Costa Crociere, Fincantieri has been awarded a contract worth tens of millions of euros for the building of the watertight boxes, known as ca

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  • Costa Concordia wreck removal plan presented today in Rome


    With the Costa Concordia Emergency Commissioner in attendance, Costa Crociere and Titan-Micoperi presented their plan to the international press to remove the wreck in one piece by re-floating and towing it away from the site.   Rome, 18 May 2012 – With the Costa Concordia Emergency Commissioner Franco Gabrielli in attendance, Costa Crociere and Italo-American consortium Titan-Micoperi, the winner of the tender tasked with performing the work, today presented their

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  • Costa Concordia wreck removal awarded to Titan Salvage/ Micoperi


    Wreck to be removed in one piece, refloated and towed away Costa Crociere and the Costa Concordia Emergency Commissioner’s Office have announced that the tender for the removal of the ship from Giglio Island has been awarded to Titan Salvage in partnership with the Italian firm Micoperi. The work will begin in early May subject to final approval from the Italian authorities and is expected to take about 12 months.

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